Friday, May 28, 2010

two days' time

Isn't it amazing how very different two days can be from another? And yet how very similiar? Wednesday was just a fun day, with nice weather, school, and lots of "take my picture, Mama" moments.

And we went and met Daddy at his work, where we'd been invited to come celebrate our baby girl we're expecting. It was really, really nice (especially since our hostess had really stressed that we did not need a lot of baby-shower type gifts, and what would make Mama happiest would be a massive pile of fabric so I could sew for my babes - and everyone really responded to that!).

And that was that day. That night I snuck out to "hang out with another mama." Translate: drove to the airport to get my Moma, and then snuck her in the back door while I entered the frontway.

So the next morning, Micah came and crawled up into my arms for a cuddle, and then we got up for the day. I love this, sleepy, early-morning light, blurry picture I snapped of the two of us.

And the next two pictures? They both answer the question: What were you doing when you realized that you had a surprise visit from your Nana?

And this is where they spent the rest of that day: right by her side.

All that, in just two days. Time is an amazingly strange thing, isn't it?

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