Monday, May 24, 2010

play-with-your-camera day

So, I decided that it would be Play-With-Your-Camera Day today. I mean, after all, that's how you learn how to use all those extra settings well, right? Since we were going berry picking, I told my Canon that we'd have a black & white & red day (you can tell this crazy thing to be black & white & any color you can point at). You can also widen or lessen its range of red, but I thought I'd leave it right in the middle, since I am experimenting!

Micah, studying the ladybug that landed on his shirt...

Ladybugs just make people happy. Why is that?
We had a great time, and I squated and picked and squated and picked until my pregnant body would squat no more! Then I kneeled in the hay until my legs refused to do even that - it was just so hard to stop! The weather was lovely, and it's so early in the season that the berries haven't been picked over yet, and they're just shining out in great red patches everywhere you look!
We got plenty of berries for our first round of jam making this season, and I'm hoping to go back for more!

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