Monday, May 17, 2010

a place for "her"

Babies are such tiny people. In some ways - like time & attention - they need so very, very much. But property-wise, they really need so very, very little. We've been carving out a little bit of our world for baby sister, which the boys really love doing. They think it's funny how scattered her possesions will be for a while (oh, what I have learned with the first two!)...

Here's a couple shots of her little dresser, with a few precious gifts and handmade things stashed safely by.

And this is my cradle. I mean that literally. It was mine. I slept in it. We have a little Moses basket, which I love, love, love, and that she will be using first (those baskets are just so portable!), but when she starts flipping and rocking enough to make me nervous, I think we'll let her use my cradle for a while.

Oh, and this next is my favorite...

A sweet friend of mine made me that wonderful blanket, and I have it draped over - just waiting - our rocking chair. My Daddy used to rock me in it when I was a tiny, little thing (of course Moma did too, but I'm told that Daddy loved the rocking job:).

This chair makes me smile. It makes me think of all the sweet little chubby face moments, when my boys peered up at me through their long lashes. Of the daily twenty-minute snuggle my eldest needed for the first two and a half years of his life. Of stolen moments of quiet with my babies.

I look at that chair, and I can't help but wonder what eyes will peer up at me in just a few short weeks, what color-haired head will rest in my arms. I think of the tiny fists that will curl around my finger, and the toothless smiles, and I love that chair. It helps me slow down, it makes me remember.

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