Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I like the nesting instinct.  It's really a good thing, because without it I would probably snuggle up into a little ball and go to sleep for a long, long, long, long time.  

We've been curling up with Little Bear, which seems to be an easier read than Frog & Toad, but I think it's nice to vary Levi's books from challenging to I-have-so-totally-got-this, don't you? 

And it's just so amazing for the three of us to pile up, and listen to him read.  I love it!

I've also had a chance to add to our fabric stash.  Can I just say how much more motivating it is to sew when you have a stash?  Personally, if I don't just wash them right away, then I forget to do it later and cut up fabric that might not be pre-shrunk.  Very not fun.  Which now means that, the second it crosses the threshold, all fabric is on it's way to the laundry! 

Oh, my goodness.  There are those boots again.  He loves them!  We were headed out the house, but Micah just had to show off the scrap-wool camera cover I've been using.  Isn't he silly?

'Course he probably gets that from me, as I was clicking away to document our little pile of wool shorties and skirties and bloomers.  We washed them all yesterday, and they were just finishing drying, and I couldn't help myself.
See?  So nesting is a very, very good thing.  Especially now.  Because now that I've hit that 34 week mark, and there's only a short 6 or 7 weeks max till our girl gets here, it is finally catching up with me.  I am getting tired! 

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