Thursday, June 3, 2010

scones for the jam

Sorry about the total lack of post yesterday. Some friends of mine are going through a pretty tough thing, and it demanded my attention. Anywho...

We have all this wonderful jam now, and little boys who need cookies. Need them, I say. And a Mama who is happy to get out the pizza cutter and make scones together. And eat them together (of course).

And where was my oldest child, you might wonder, while his brother was happily licking flour off our new (and might I say perfect-for-baking) table? Well, he was running circles around me and the house, out of the sheer joy of anticipation of cookies. My boys certainly seem to be learning to appreciate the making of things...

Who needs sugar to make you hyper? My kids go crazy the minute I pull down the bag of flour and announce - oh so seriously - that we need to make some scones.

Which I need to go eat. Right now!

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