Thursday, June 24, 2010

life lessons

In which Micah learns two very important life-lessons...

On our last morning with Gramma & Grampa, Daddy was enjoying himself just as much as the boys.  He had control of the hose.  He squirted Levi pretty good, and of course Levi took off running, but came right back for more:

Being the typical 3 year old, Micah launched into a verbal defense of his brother. 
 "Daddy!  You no squirt Levi!"

Which gave him the first life lesson:
Don't mouth off to someone with a hose unless you plan on getting wet.

This of course lead to the second lesson:  Hiding from the hose-guy behind Gramma is a pretty safe bet.  Within seconds, he was calling to his Daddy in this sing-song voice, that wasn't he going to squirt at Gramma? 
(which I think proves, that he definately got the second lesson, don't you think?)

 He is such a character. 
And those last two shots are going on my wall!

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