Thursday, June 17, 2010

table time

This table makes you want to pic a project and spread yourself out nice and roomy-like. 

Levi is reading everything now.  Really.  He even read some of One Morning in Maine to his brother this morning.  He could have read it all, but it's really long and they took a break.  The other night I went in to turn their light out for bedtime, and found both of them snuggled up in the top bunk, Levi reading from Read Aloud Bible Stories.  Last night, just for kicks, he got out a Sesame Street cookbook we have and leafed through it, reading off the title of each recipe.  And if I leave a list of things to do somewhere, he starts going through it for me, to make sure I've gotten stuff crossed off (I am making darn sure not to leave any birthday checklists lying around!).

It's totally unreal.

And you know what else is crazy about it?  Micah has started the pretend reading stage.  You know the one: hold open the book and tell the story in your own words, as though you were really reading it.  I feel like we were just there with Levi...

Sheesh.  Next thing you know, they'll be reading Narnia to me.

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