Tuesday, June 1, 2010

June? Really?

In the words of a childhood friend, "Honeysuckle - it ain't orange blossom, but it is pretty nice." We had fun collecting (should I say clearing?) a ton of the light blossoms with Nana.

After that we came in for lunch, just in time to watch Daddy bring in our "new" table. And yes, Levi attached all the legs for us. Isn't that cool?
I can't believe how big they are. Micah's totally in that stage where he's trying to make the world revolve around himself, and Levi has nearly left it, having fully immersed himself in the wanting to know the mechanics of everything stage (which is so much fun!).

And to top all that, today is the beginning of yet another month. I think I was so startled by June arriving, because at my last baby check-up they tossed out something new for me. A just-so-you-know kind of thing. Obviously no human on earth knows when my baby girl will be ready to come, but the NP just wanted me to know that, oh-by-the-way, since this will be your 3rd birth, if you go into labor early (and she said even as early as 35/36 weeks) they won't do anything to stop it.

Basically what she was saying wa:, make sure you get all that baby stuff out of storage by then, just-in-case. I guess that's why June just seemed like: Wow... June...

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