Friday, June 4, 2010

way too much fun

Wow. What a great morning! We dashed over to my friend's house to deliver just-picked berries and just-baked scones and just-canned jam, and I got to do this:
Which, despite my love of jammy-goodness, makes me the clear winner in this trade off! Isn't he something? We're going to call him Baby D on here, because, while I use my own kids names, it just doesn't seem right to be passing out someone else's!

After a good long cuddle, me and my boys went out for some physical fitness (gosh, this homeschooling business really makes you look for the learning opportunity in everything, doesn't it?). My friend and her babe got ready for our morning out, while we attended to business of getting a good run around...

Then we all loaded up in Serenity. Levi generously volunteered to sit in the way-back (as we used to call it when I was a kid), so Baby D could sit in his spot. This was a little preview of Levi's upcoming promotion (shouldn't everyone get promoted when a new baby seat is added to the mix?). He declared that it was a highly likable location, so much so, that when we left the store, it became necessary to toss Micah's booster into the way-back as well.

They both would have gladly stayed there, but I insisted on moving back to normal until promotion day (which will be whenever I feel it necessary to go ahead and put the baby seat in the van). I am also insisting that Micah move up to his brother's old spot, instead of the way-back, at least until he is able to get his belt on by himself (and possibly long road trips).
And here is my classy friend with "our awesome boys." I don't even know how to begin to sum her up, so I'll just say that my boys love her, and leave it at that!

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