Saturday, February 7, 2009

B is for Blue (and Bath)

So we've been doing a bunch of things around here for Letter B week, and here's one of them: I whipped up a batch of homemade fingerpaint, which is from one of my favorite activity books! It's mostly flour and water, with a little non-toxic tempera paint, so I didn't totally panic when M put his fingers in his mouth!

What. A. Punk.
Anyways... M thought I'd lost my mind, wanting him to smear bright blue stuff around with his hands (especially because his older brother doesn't exactly go hog-wild over this activity). He wanted me to wipe his hands off, and I said, "It's okay, we'll wipe them off when you're all done." Which he understood to mean that he needed to take care of it himself (Why didn't I just give him the washcloth?). He used the best thing he could find - his hair!

After that we did B is for Bath!

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