Tuesday, February 10, 2009

January Outdoor Fun

These pics are from January 27th, when we got our first snow this winter. This was M's first time of playing in the snow (last winter he was still crawling and had zero interest). When we first stepped out the door he was uncertain and refusing to wear his gloves. A few minutes later he was shuffling along through the fluffy, very, very powdery stuff with a priceless look of curiosity on his face. What did God do to our yard last night? After all, his big brother ran around that morning shouting, "Mama, God made snow!" Shortly after that he discovered the unpleasant sensation produced when mixing snow with bare, baby hands, and was willing to put on his gloves. He literally squealed with joy when he realized they meant he could touch the white stuff!

L and I had so much fun! No snowballs (way too fluffy), but the stuff is still really fun to throw at your Mama! We ran, threw snow, threw more snow, ran some more, and followed some bunny tracks (we've got some that live in the way back of the yard)!

It was awesome!!!

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