Thursday, February 19, 2009

Fun Stuff and Letter E

Well, I've been feeling a bit sick, so we haven't had much to share lately. But here's what we did get shots of over the last few days! Daddy brought home dinner so I wouldn't have to cook. The result is M's new "HHAT!"

M giving me a hope-you-feel-better snuggle...

At some point I had to get some laundry done, right? That's Panda Panda, she's going to be 27 years old this April!

E is for Elephant! M's is on the left, he colored it, but it's so light you can't see. He also smeared on the glue. L's is the purple elephant on the right. He cut out the pieces all by himself and did most of the gluing!

I also somehow managed to finish the maps I was working on - mostly because L asked me to sew him something else, and I wanted to finish these so I could put them in my shop.

Here's what L asked for: a crayon wrap. Well, he calls it a crayon roll. I was flipping through Etsy he saw one and immediately asked me to make him one. It was quick and fun, and a good test run. I think if I ever put any in the shop I'll have to make sure they have a layer of interfacing. But he was really happy with it, and it was great timing since the box is starting to get pretty tattered.

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