Sunday, February 8, 2009

Bees and Bears

So we made these bees, from a new site I found. They were really cute, and L actually ran (with his bee flying after him), until he couldn't run no more!

And the next day we had Bear Day! We made a bear banner: L's panda bear is on the left, M's bear is on the right, and L and I colored the center picture together. M had his first go with the scissors on Bear Day. He needed help to open them, but could close them easily, and held them at the right angle to the paper. He and I "fringed" all the way around his bear page. L cut his out well, and then took off a lock of his own hair. That was a first. In his defense, I had just used hair scissors to trim the hair around L's ears a couple days before-hand.

We went on a bear hunt, and that was a big hit! Here's the bears we found (were they ever growling to be found!). It was so much fun, L wanted to keep pretending to find bears all day. We used our ASL sign for "bear" a bunch! (We've also done the signs for Book and Bird this week)

And these are the two tiny bears I stitched up for the boys during rest time. I hid them in my pocket. We went to play at Lindsay's playground, and when it was time to go home I surprised the boys with their bears. They're pretty fun for something I just threw together!
And to top off what a great day it was, I had my first Etsy sales!
(Bear Day was Jan. 23)

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