Thursday, February 12, 2009

Letter D Week

We started the week with Dragons and Dogs, then...
We made Dirt! Chocolate pudding and smashed chocolate graham crackers with worms. "Candy worms," as my son will specify. Both of them looked at me like I was nuts when they sat down at the table with the end product. M was reluctant, but dove in eventually, and L was happy just to stick with the candy worm.

Another day we did D is for Donut, and the boys helped me cut donut holes into refridgerator biscuits and then I fried them, and we dipped them in sugar and ate!

Lastly we did Dinosaurs. We have made a Dinosaur Memory Game by printing two of these on cardstock, giving us a starter set of 8 cards. We also colored a bunch of dinos, made dino sun-catchers (below), and watched The Land Before Time (they've never seen it). Letter D is great fun!

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