Tuesday, February 10, 2009

January Indoor Fun

Here are bits of our day from January 27th. M took his first solo spin with the scissors. I was really surprised, he doesn't get frustrated at all! And this is Anna who spent all those years at the preschool talking! He holds them right about half the time, and his biggest challenge is opening them. Sometimes he takes the scissors off his hands, uses two hands to pull them open, sticks them back on his right hand, makes a cut, and then starts all over! He actually does a pretty good job getting the right angle between the scissors and paper.
But he is very serious about the scissors.
Very serious.

Gotta love chubby, toddler hands...

Ah, and what have I been up to lately? Here's my little shelf with a Butterfly Hat on the needles, plus the books I'm reading (and writing). There's Bananagrams, which I got for Christmas (and have way more fun with than my hubby does!). Oh, and along the edge of the big book are a few of L's tiny bits of handywork. These are paw-prints, sparked by seeing some tiny prints in the snow on our porch! I'm collecting his schoolwork to make a little ABC Textbook. Something he can look at as we work our way through to Z. The pawprints have nothing to do with our current letter, but they show a huge leap in his confidence and ability with drawing! OH! And today he totally wrote his name completely on his own - even the lower case "e" - and because he wanted to, not because I asked! I'm so proud of him!

And here's my latest creations for the shop, which M was happy to help me "test" them out.

Check back later today for some January Outdoor Fun!

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