Tuesday, February 24, 2009

So happy together...

Man, we have been having fun! These pics are all from the Nana Cam! M freaked out when Nana let L use it to take a couple of pictures. Man, was he mad!

He got to sit on her lap and take a picture. Of himself. Isn't that hysterical?

And this is us having some fun with sword practice! M likes to hold out his sword and yell "Aaaagghhh..." as he charges.

Two against one.

Getting ready to go see the fish at Bass Pro Shop. They have a massive tank, and it's a real fun trip, because the mall also has a Medieval Times, so we get to check out the castle too!

Moose alert! Bass Pro is always full of strollers. That's what happens when your store is decorated with life-size bears, moose, raccoons, fish, airplanes and mannequin men running over rickety bridges.

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