Friday, October 23, 2009

any thoughts?

All right. Today I could use a little help. I'm looking for a new backdrop for my dolls. Right now I use a beautiful sheet of pure, white linen. I like the texture, but I have to fiddle with the photos quite a bunch, plus the linen gets into a wrinkly mess, so it's not very convenient (I can't just whip it out and click up a few photos).
What I would like to do is staple some cool fabric to cardboard. This would keep it nice and flat, not to mention ready-to-go. I pulled out some fabrics that looked interesting (and some not so interesting). Of course everything looks way different on the computer screen, so this is where I could use some opinions.
Note: These pics are undoctored, and were all taken in the same light.
A. Denim
B. Odd-Green. It looks green in real life, and not at all appealing, but on screen it's a kind of gray. There are two pics of this one, so you can see it with different fabrics.
C. White Textured. I threw a fluffy scrap under her bum, but I think it makes her look like I've left her on the floor. Er, try to ignore that, if you can.

So that's what I have lying around. I actually have a very strong dislike for one of them, and am totally at a loss between the other two.

So let me know what you think: Denim, Odd-Green, or the Textured White.

I'll leave you with a picture Levi drew, based off of a book we read this week called Bill and Pete Go Down the Nile.

Oh, and for those of you photo-whizzes out there wondering why I don't just get a light box, here's why: 1. I'd love a fancy, fold-up and easily stored, free light box. If you know where those are located, please let me know. 2. I could totally make one, but I'd need a pretty big box for my dolls to fit in, and it wouldn't fold, nor would it fit through the trap door into the attic. Since there's no where to put such a monstrosity, that's out.

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