Tuesday, October 20, 2009

a naptime project

I had a blast making my own version of the Mama's Bag, from Handmade Home, by Amanda Soule. I put the boys down for their rest and then got out some things I wanted to upcycle - an old denim skirt, a vintage pillowcase, and a pair of jeans that changed hands three times by the time I got a hold of them.
I got to work taking the skirt apart from the seams, and then went to sewing, with my own twists on SouleMama's pattern. I didn't make my box pleats as big as I would have liked, since the skirt already had some shaping.

I really got a kick out of turning some old things that have been lying around into something useful! Here's the new bag, all ready for Tuesday church. On Tuesdays my regular little bag just doesn't cut it, because I need to tote along my Bible study book, and then whatever artwork the boys come up with in their groups. It's not a lot, but it's awkward holding hands through the parking lot with all that stuff!
Here's a good shot of the vintage lining...
And now I'm going to toss in my stuff, and head off to Tuesday church!

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