Monday, October 5, 2009


A few leaves have started to turn, here and there, but the biggest change we noticed (once we got home) was to our wardrobe. Levi came out of his room the next morning and announced that he was cold, so it must be winter.

So we dug out some warmer clothes, and then everybody went right back to living. Funny how those clothes make them seem so much older to me, as though they signal yet another season of growth that has passed before my very eyes, all lopped into one sweatshirt.

Here's our garden, on its last legs. Just bursting with little red tomatoes.
And with the chill, crisp air, of course the boys wanted to break out their pretend campfire. I swear, a couple of rocks, twisted paper bag sticks and scraps of fire-colored felt are magical...
And I finally seem to have gotten past this old cold, which is a huge blessing, because those blank doll faces have been staring at me for a while now. I couldn't stand the thought of working on them while I was sneezing and coughing (yuck!) so I thought it would be better just to wait till I was better.
I'm cough-free, and off to find my needle (and maybe a pair of socks:)...

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