Thursday, October 1, 2009

the morning's work

Here's Micah, hard at work. The second picture scares me, because of how much he looks like his big brother. He already looks like all of Levi's baby pictures, but that one shows how much he's starting to look like Levi looks now...

And this is what Levi drew, to capture his memory of our campfire! There are stars and the moon in the sky, the golden clouds we saw as the sun set (see it down real low on the right? that was just where it was sinking in the west!), there's the sea with its seaweed, fish, and a jelly, and the fire with its sandcircle and smoke rising up. We're all roasting marshmellows (except for me, I am roasting and fishing, apparently), and from left to right we are: Nana, Mama, Pappy, Levi (seated at the fire), Daddy, and Micah.

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