Thursday, October 29, 2009

Mama's Sewing Cabinet

So here are my handy-men, working hard together. The constructing actually took place on Boxer Day, which I find some-how appropriate (easy to do when you make up your own holidays:). Levi helped a ton, Daddy was super patient, and really taught him a ton (he showed him the diagram and had Levi referring to it and then finding the right pieces). Both boys got to help with the nails, and of course they got a kick out of actually being asked to bang on something!

And what was all that constructing for? They were building a sewing cabinet for Mama! My very own little room (without all that carpet to clean!)!!! I can work on a project here and there, leaving everything just where I want it and shutting the doors to keep both little hands and little crafts safe.

As you can see, I haven't fully moved in, but I'm already using it! Children flying past before my camera shutter can barely blink? No problem - just shut the doors and everything's out of the way! This was such a great idea, and it came straight from the pages of a book my Moma sent me called Weekend Sewing. Love it!

Thanks to my boys (all three of you). You really are so very sweet to me!

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