Monday, October 26, 2009

Pictures in Your Head

We've been reading Little House on the Prairie together. Ma and Pa were building the log cabin when one of the logs fell on Ma's ankle (it didn't smash her foot because of a "Providential divet" that was just under her foot). After that Pa started using skids to roll the logs up to the top of the walls.
Reading all this, I have to wonder how much Levi's picking up. When the little family camped out under the stars, we drew a picture of that, and from then on, I've been telling him to try and make pictures in his head of what he hears me read.
Apparently this is working. Paul (that book totally makes me want to start calling him Pa - I love that character!) and I woke up to this:
Notice the skids running up to the house? And the little guy with the pile of logs ready to be rolled up them?

As I write this, there is laughter and giggles coming from that room, where a pair of brothers anxiously await my arrival (of course, it is entirely possibly that they've forgotten that completely!).

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