Thursday, October 8, 2009


Stupid, crooked, side-ways-showing Blogger. That said, moving on!
I've finished the faces for 6 more dolls. 2 each with green, blue, and brown eyes. And I found a pink for the mouth that I'm much happier with...

And here's Levi's new curtains. When he was smaller, he was always pulling the old ones down, so he's been without curtains for a while. But lately the car lights shining in his window at night have been bothering him. He really noticed it after our last visit to Ft. Pierce (the boys have a nice, dark, cozy room there), so we went up to the store and picked out star fabric.

Micah has a fear of buzzing-type machines, so he wasn't crazy about the drill we were using to hang the new curtain rod. He cheered up mightily when his brother shared my old cradle with him, to "protect" him.

Here's the finished curtain. I would have had to buy twice as much fabric to make them ruffly-looking, so I decided to see how this works first (I can always get more later, right?). It covers the whole window and blots out a ton of light, so I think it will do.

Levi was ecstatic. It amazes me how much of a thrill the boys get when they get anything Mama-made.

Ooh, ooh, ooh! And this was so cool. We carved up the first (and maybe last) pumpkin pie pumpkin from our garden and cooked it to make a puree for pie. I sawed it open and of course the thing was full of seeds.
"Mommy! We planted the seeds, and then the pumpkin grew, and now there are more seeds in it!"
And just like that, in that one instant of hands-on-learning, Levi understood the life-cycle of plants. Which is a really rare thing in our pick-one-up-at-the-store culture! (He's also been acting out churning butter, because we read Little House in the Big Wood and then made our own butter... cool, huh?)

On the left is Levi's leopard. Daddy snagged that one for his office! And on the right is Micah's most beautiful scribble to date! Look at all the colors!

And these were some little shorties I've been working on for the last couple of days.
So that's how crafty we've been lately! It makes me so happy! And I love having some place to record it all...

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