Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Micah's Boxer Day

We had so much fun celebrating Micah's Boxer Day! It was our own holiday to mark his official switch to boxers (and pull-ups for sleeping). What did we do? Oh, special presents, cake, candles, singing - the whole shuh-bang!
Here are his new boxers... Just a little proud of himself!

His next present was pull-ups for sleeping in. We had been building up this little holiday for so long, that he was even excited about those!

Of course our Boxer Day had a little something to encourage big brother, since it's his job to encourage Micah with the whole potty thing, and that's a pretty big responsibility. He was thrilled about the tiny little knight I had made for him...

And as a grand finale, Micah received his own pirate, because he's a big boy now. We named him Pirate Will (we have a Pirate Jack, and I thought Will would be easy to remember... Will as in Captain William Turner. It goes rather nicely with Jack, and is much easier to say than Barbosa! Not that they know who any of those people are!). Micah was sooooooo excited!

To add to the excitement, Nana called, just to wish Micah a Happy Boxer Day!

After that we had little, polka dot, boxer-shaped cakes, and even sang Happy Boxer Day to You!

It was such a happy day! And it seems to have achieved the milestone-effect I was hoping for! Don't you love those genius, parental ideas that work out? Happy Boxer Day to all!

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Emily R. said...

Anna that is such a cute idea! You are so creative! I think the boxer shaped cakes really brings it over the top! Super! You should send the idea into Family Fun magazine!

A friend of mine had a cute idea when she was trying to ween her son off the paci. She had her son put all of his pacifiers in a jar. They left the jar on the door step and the "Paci Man" came to collect them. The "Paci Man" left a stuffed animal and a few books. That kids never asked for a paci again. I too love those little creative ideas that just "work"!

Have a great weekend!