Thursday, October 15, 2009

easy, cheesy

This first pic hasn't anything to do with the cheese, it's just plain old cute, a zoom-in on part of the birthday card for Ms. Jen at Camp. Isn't that frog cool? He and Daddy were studying a photo of a real frog, and Levi watched carefully as his Daddy drew one, and then he did his own! I love it! He's getting so brave & bold with his art! And the more confident he becomes, the more freedom he finds in his artwork. I can actually see him becoming absorbed, getting lost in that paper...
Um, and here's the cheese - I had the camera out, because I loved our brand-new hand-me-downs (I just thought he looked soooo handsome). Micah was unwrapping one of those old-fashioned cheese wheels wrapped in wax, and I asked him if he got his cheese opened. Course all Micah heard was the "cheese" part, and he busted out with this huge, massive, bigger-than-life camera grin. And then he proceeded to hold that pose till I got his picture taken.

And here's a shot of him taking it down a notch or two...

Isn't that a riot? My boys crack me up.

On an entirely different note, it has occurred to me that I really, really like wool. Isn't that funny? Took me thirty years to figure that out, but I think the first twenty years spent living in the semi-tropics gives me a bit of an excuse. Since I like to knit, this is a pretty convenient little epiphany.

I've realized I shiver a little bit less with wool on. It just holds the heat in, but it breathes too. And it even holds your heat in if you're wet. And the thing that surprised me the most - not all wool is scratchy.

So I've been knitting up some wool that I bought a long time ago. It's actually sat in my stash for a couple of years, due to the fact that this particular yarn isn't the easiest to work with. I decided that, ahem, a few days of mad knitting would yield me another warm day of the week, for many, many, many weeks. Hello, new sweater!

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